Costa Rica

...it is truly a beautiful place, climate is incredible for me with the humidity and it being warm:-)

Love it and now we are going to be at a resort near a vulcano for 7 or more days and create lots of change in our lives and in the world.

Access is constantly changing, we are changing… what we desire and are willing to create changes.

Every day, literately every second we have choice and the most common choice would be to avoid choice.

Autopilotes are very often used and cherished by people, then they don’t have to think, or look at things different, consider new things. They think they can be.Well if being is kind of being the same and not needing to deal with new stuff. Yes. 

For me it is more like dying inside of me. I am not alive ….I like changing, I like to choose… and avoid things as well, though I demand more and more of me.

That does not have mean I have to do more and it can mean that. How often do I not hear people desiring more income to do less. Passive income so they can relax and put in less hours.

I don’t get it! I don’t try to find something that will make me do less… I will do more with more money. That is for sure. I see it already, investing in new areas, new businesses.

I guess if people would really get excited, love doing what they do, they would never want to stop and wonder how much energy they would receive?

Life is so exciting and the only thing for me is how do I do it all???

What would it take to create a power team to make more possible?

I am looking for more people to join, to create in so many ways. I am looking for a person that would enjoy doing some of the administrative things. So much more possible and so many possibilities.

I even have products that somebody could make an income on!
Endless possibilities and I also would like to do more classes again and looking for people to create with.

Every cell in my body enjoys creating, being alive. I am not working to have time off… I am not longing for vaccation. My life is more like a big long adventure and I do not want to take time off from that!I can have days that are not super filled, and I look at everything I would like to experience and see in the world and I add that to what I am creating. And sometimes I go there and what happens?

I create there too…

It is so easy to think you have to find the thing you want to do… no you don’t. You can ask for the energy of it... great to have a vision, a target for your life. That became so much clearer during the weekend with the Bowmans.

A vision of what you would like to create. And along the way you will see how things show up and you will know to choose them or not...

So much possible for all of us!

In about 6 weeks Gary Douglas is going to facilitate the Global Bars class. Gary!!! The founder of Access Consciousness and the Bars!!!

I am thrilled and would love everybody to have the possibility to be part of this class. Two years ago Dain Heer  facilitated the Global bars class & last year I was part of it, facilitating the class together with the 6 other Leaders. It was an amazing experience.

I will never forget being in Houston connected to the whole world, Dain having an ESC during lunch!!

Some of you were part of the class I can remember, so grateful!

This has been a dream of mine, to see and receive the bars when Gary is facilitating the class. So now it is happening… how does it get any better than this? Incredible!!!

I will be hosting the class during the night, LIVE in Helsingborg 26th of November. Class starts 0:30 on the 26th.This means it is the night between the 25th and 26th.

Then a replay on saturday the 29th in Helsingborg for everybody that could not join live.

And together Helle and I are going to host the class sunday the 30th in her beautiful HOUSE OF CHANGE.

We are going to WELCOME you to a beautiful space and create an amazing experience for all of you. The class is officially from 9:30-18:00 o´clock and we can have some time after the class to have a chat about the day if you desire. 

I have facilitated 100s of people learning the Bars (I have stopped counting) and it is so much joy to see what changes  are possible when we let go of things that do not belong to us.

And as you might have noticed that after receiving bars regularly you become more aware of the possibilities in life.

So don’t miss this day, contributing to your life and the change that is possible. And learn new things about the Bars!

$200 for everybody, kids for free… (there is no repeating price for this class)

What is included?* Bars Manual * Snacks and fun * You receive the recordings of the class* You receive your personal login to be able to watch the class on www.accessconsciousness.tv as often as you like* If you live in Denmark, you will also receive the recordings of the Danish translation

Welcome to join us! Only thing that is different for this global bars class is that you have to have attended a bars class prior to this one.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I am also part of creating the live stream classes and involved in many parts of this class.

LIVE in Helsingborg 26th of Novemberhttp://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=47103REPLAY in Helsingborg 29th of Novemberhttp://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=47104REPLAY close to Copenhagen 30th of Novemberhttp://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=47799

Hugs & kissesLisen


I am back:-))

A couple of months ago I was looking at this summer and chose to have more space, not fill my calendar. Do some fun stuff, have some classes and have time enough to write.

And here I am... after hosting and being part of the classes the last weeks, its was intense and I worked more than 24/7, now I am grateful to be here. Space for creation. And so happy for the timing. Blossom has this challenge of creation, 30 days. Of course I will join.

I started writing on my book last year and some this year and I could not find the joy to write. I had prioritized other things in my life.

Now I am here and will write as much as I can.

Here is a little bit of what I wrote today....

When I first began to write I thought I had to be VERY special to write a book, you know like enlightened or changed the whole world, so that was not me.
What did I do…? Start with a blog Lisen. At the same time I had an issue with my spelling, as I have so many languages in my head, I tend to express some things a bit different and you might even be able to figure out from what languages it originates. I decided to get over myself and do tons of mistakes. At that time my boyfriend sometimes asked me to change a sentence or two as it meant something completely different than I intended. Ups!!!

Well… I was willing to be judged and I was happy. Challenged myself to be as I was and not what I wanted me to be.

Sometimes it would have been good to reread things out loud, cause I could have catched a thing or two.
And it was such a great practice to be in allowance of me, the not so perfect Lisen. Knowing things are wrong according to grammar and all that!!!
I wanted to be great and knew it would not be and also knew I was not aiming to put my soul into changing that! So why not write and contribute to
people? And especially to myself. I enjoyed it… yes, I stopped. I filled my calendar with so many things, it was not so much fun to prioritize anymore.

And I have missed it as well. Funny how we can be and choose:-)
When I was writing I got to practice a lot when it came to awareness. I got aware of the reactions my post would create. As I was writing I could sense what possibly would create for the future and sometimes it was not worth it and I changed things. I could have forced things onto people and for what good? I was and am very open about my life. I don’t try to hide things or make them nicer. I know they are written from my perspective and everything I write is an interesting point of view. And we all have so many of them. Isn´t that funny and we make them so valuable. The written word!

I have resisted writing a book, its called procrastination… such a nice word for such a drag.


AND if you missed my morning radio show

I connected with the topic of space of infinite possibilities and have more even when you are happy and joyful and received what you have asked for.
Do you always want more?????
I do and what do I do...ask for more!!!!


Flying high…

Over Amsterdam the pilot just announced!

I am on my way to Sweden from London and its has been an adventure that I can not even explain. Tons of awareness during Garys Level 2&3.

I have been working through the whole class, met so many people. Been creating more and more all the time. There was so much energy in this class, could not have guessed that there would be as much things going on in this class as there was.

In a couple of days of to Venice for facilitators training and ESB & SOP. That sounds so funny and if you have never heard it before, wonder what you think I am saying…. let me explain. 
Dain Heer has 3 core classes with energetic body work. One is called Being You, Changing the world and anybody can come to the class. No pre-requisites. Then we have ESB = energetic synthesis of Being (pre-req Bars, Foundation & Level 1) and SOP = Symphony of Possibilities (pre-req Bars, F&L1 and Level 2&3).
Well on the 23rd the ESB class starts in Venice and I am so excited, I have been to lots of them and every time life changing for me!

And I am ready for so much MORE!

During Level 2&3 I was asked if I would like to coordinate more with the languages for the classes. And I said yes and some parts of it I have been doing already with the classes I have been hosting. And I also can perceive that we can create more for the different countries.

I am excited and lots more coming!!

I am also going to take on another project and soon more details about that. Steve and Chutisa Bowman have asked for help to coordinate some cool stuff they are doing and I just adore them so much and learn so much from them.

I am so grateful for my life and it keeps getting richer and more expansive for every day. And its uncomfortable… 

I have lately looked more what I would like to create and generate in my life and gotten aware of the energy and started looking at energies, point of views that I am keeping in place that limit it all and as well what or who I am not willing to loose that keeps me limited as well. 

I am on an adventure beyond what I can imagine and will challenge me more every day choosing and doing new stuff. I do not desire the same life over and over again and if I don't
choose to do thing different what do you think will show up? the same or different?

A week a ago Ricky Williams and I facilitated our first 2,5 days "FASTER CHANGE NOW" and it was in Copenhagen! Super cool and exciting   people showed up. We were over 70 people for the intro, an incredible dynamic energy and it has been so inspiring to receive so much feedback from an intro.
When people come together and aim for a certain energy… its like a catalyst! expansion!!!

We have had quite a few requests to buy the recordings and you just have to send me an email: lisen.bengtsson@me.com
$55 for the evening $550 for the whole weekend.

Now on saturday I have a FACELIFTING class in Helsingborg, its such a nurturing and caring energy for our bodies. You learn a technic the changes the aging of your cells. I wish everybody would know this, its fascinating what begins to change in bodies!!! Many directly see change in their faces and when then continue receiving this… there are no limits. Of course if you decide things can NOT change… guess what? Things will not change.

If you would like to know more about the class:

Hugs Lisen



I was talking to Ricky about the class in Copenhagen today and its interesting to perceive the energies of the class. When we looked months ago at this class, Copenhagen kept coming up. Where looked at all Europe… The class matched the energy of the country and the people coming (not limited to Denmark). There is so much space for this to be created in a way we can not conclude how it is going to be. Not trying to limit it in any way. And be open to anything. 

This class is really about how to… how to create the life you desire. The institution part / actualizing. Finding what you desire…
So you get from questions, into action and how the magic is part of that. You can keep asking for things and not live it. Is that enough for you? For me it is not!

I constantly ask for more, I am never satisfied. I can be very happy, super grateful and acknowledge what I have been creating. And I know… there is so much more! Time for much more. And every time I ask for more, more shows up big time. And I look at where I stop myself and make sure to destroy or create struggle. 

Cause I can do that with ease. Isn´t that insane and I keep on doing it until I change it. And I am looking at my life, asking questions what I would like to create. Its really easy to continue creating the things I know and am used to. Does that mean that is really what I would like? No and it can be a yes. Many things we create over and over again are things we can use to limit our abilities… there are more on auto pilot, than we would like to know.

What if is way more ease to create money? What if we have so many hang ups so we can not see beyond the points of view we believe in?
I really enjoy talking about money with Ricky, he has such a different energy around it and so much awareness. There is a constant expansion in his universe. 

Ricky is in China until he is coming to Copenhagen and coaching a brand new american football team. First one for China and you know what is cool? He is coming in May to Sweden with them, to Uppsala. So now I know I will be going to my first american football game, and in Sweden!
Fun fun fun!

And in just over 2 weeks we will meet in Copenhagen, create together what we both know is possible! This class is so exciting to tap into, we have a whole weekend together to change where we limit us and choose something totally different. What if that becomes so much ease, it becomes the natural way of being? 
Nurturing you! Contributing to you, including yourself in everything you are doing!
Its not a dream anymore…. its you in action, trusting you!

 Rickys Kids


Dain & Ricky

This is a just a bit of the class they had, it was an evening class in Florida.
You can still buy the class if you would like to hear the whole call.

      So grateful...

…to be able to invite You to meet a really great friend that has contributed alot to my life. Ricky William is know as a successful american football player and since 2 years facilitating Access classes all 
over the world. He has an amazing clarity and awareness. Co-facilitating has expanded both our lives and we would like to contribute with what we see and know is possible to be and create here on the planet.
Every day we challenge ourselves to choose more and more awareness shows up. Choice is really a GIFT!

FASTER CHANGE NOW is a class for everybody that would like more change now. Maybe you are stuck in an area and you have tried over and over again to change it. Are you willing to gift You the possibility to change
it now? It will be fun, it might be uncomfortable when you see everything clear how you have been limiting yourself  and then time for more change:-)) with more ease and joy! You might be very surprised what you 
are capable of!

Some Inspiration & Gifts
TELE CALL "Faster Change Now" with Ricky & Lisen

Faster Change Now class in Chicago with Lisen


AND a NEW tele call series STARTING in March"TRUST YOU, what if that is brilliance, You are creating?"

If you have the chance and possibly to come..
Don´t miss it
Lots of gratitude


Coming up in februari!

* Access Bars class in Copenhagen 
(8 feb)
On friday the 28th of februariyou can join a dynamic workshop to have "FASTER CHANGE NOW". Are you one of those people that always desires more? And it can´t go fast enough! What if you can receive the change you desire with more ease and much quicker than you thought? And you don´t have to become exhausted? Creating with total EASE!

* Foundation & Level 1 in Helsingborg"

(20-23 feb)
Would you like to have more possibilities in your life? Feel that you can create whatever you like and more? During these classes you receive tools and techniques to change anything in your daily life and open up to more of you truly be. You also receive body processes that unlock energies on cellular levels changing whatever has been locked into it.

* FASTER CHANGE NOW! evening with Ricky & Lisen 
(28 feb)
On friday the 28th of februariyou can join a dynamic evening to have "FASTER CHANGE NOW" Do you desire more? Do you feel stuck? Not enough? Or it can´t go fast enough! What if you can receive the change you desire with more ease and much quicker than you thought? And you don´t have to become exhausted? Creating with total EASE!

FASTER CHANGE NOW! 2,5 days with Ricky & Lisen

What if you did not have to stop you anymore? Would you like your life to look a bit different? Is a life with more ease possible? How would it be for you? What would faster change look like for you? Are you willing to receive what you are asking for? Or ONLY after you have worked hard for it?

* Private sessions
1500 DKK (200 Euro) for an hour
Access coaching, clearings, body processes, my version of ESB & SOP. During the sessions I use a combination of Access coaching, clearings and energetic bodywork with the Symphony of Possibilities to unlock whatever is keeping you from receiving what truly is possible for you and your life? Are bodies are amazing facilitators and full of awareness. What if anything was possible to change? And with more ease and speed than you thought was possible? Packages available for 6 months period

8 Access Bars Copenhagen
20-23 Foundation & Level Helsingborg
28 Faster Change, evening class Copenhagen
28- 2/3 Faster Change weekend

15 FaceLifting Helsingborg
NEW tele call series "TRUST YOU, what if that is brilliance You are creating?"

3-6 Foundation & Level 1 Stockholm
12 Heldag med Kroppsprocesser Oscarshamn
And lots more to come...



BlogTalkRadio - "Consciousness in Action"
Jonas & Lisen talking about all kind of topics from a conscious perspective. Sometimes with friends.
Check it out and listen FREE at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousnessinaction

Voice of America - "Creme de la Creme"
A team of 7 Access Facilitators from all over the world, including both of us, talking about consciousness.
Did you miss our show YESTERDAY???

With tools and techniques to change your life!!

Link to all our Classes & Events with more info and REGISTRATION:

Ease & Joy! :) 




The last years have been awesome in building businesses and together with different people and in so many different countries. 
Contributing to other businesses and projects. Its so much fun to create and generate, I really like that. 
Business is fun and I would like to create so much more. I have tons of ideas and its time for a change... And I am not good at doing things the same way and I have noticed something would be great to have some help with. Its not a 1 person company/business anymore.

Now it is time for me to include more people in different projects, things I do....
Are you looking to add things to your life?

So I am going to list a couple of different things I am looking for people that would like to contribute, be part of projects or in a way that would be fun for you.

Posting classes on my Access profile
Writing texts
Checking that all the information is listed
Creating events on FB, 
Inviting people. (This is for a person that enjoys Facebook...)  Likes making phone calls.
Sending welcome and thank you emails
You could create graphics and use your creativity in many ways. 
There is a door of possibilities to be opened.
I have not added all the details, this is more a administration thing or maybe not. Depends on what is fun for you...
Creating products from the classes

* Tele classes
Creating with me the text
Context of the classes 
Adding them on Access 
There are similarities to the classes above
Writing down the clearings from the calls
You can be a person that just takes care of the practical things or / and there is room for a person that hosts the tele classes as well.
Would really enjoy to work with somebody that would like to create more, expand and taking lead on things. The more it expands the more you would be able to generate money wise.
There are more details as well.

* Newsletter
Creating the outlines of it 
Layout within a system for example mail chimp. 
Creative, like to play with the layout and change it and come with new ideas of what we can do....
Sorting the email addresses, adding them to the list. (knowledge about exel and for example chimpmail required)
There is so much we can create and I am not looking for a standard newsletter...

* Reaching out to the media, writing press release and willing to call journalists, radio shows, TV... to promote the things I am working with, the projects, amazing people I work with. So many possibilities, for example with Ricky Williams.

There are more projects in creation that I am not posting at the moment, involves writing and graphics and creativity. Building a forum for creation.
I am always looking for people that enjoy creating and generating and have ease with it. In the beginning I had more ease with creating for others than for myself...

Its really great if you like being active, you enjoy social media and you are curious of what else is possible! You do not have to know and do everything listed about. Somethings you might like more than others.
And of course you have attended some Access classes:-)
There are lots of possibilities...
And I am sure I have not listed everything in the different areas... What contribution are you willing to receive for you?

I am not looking for one person to know it all and if you do and it would be fun to work with me, please contact me:

+46 708 39 39 97

... and let me know what would be fun for you. What areas you enjoy and would like to contribute to. And what you expect of me.

Payment can and will look different for different things. Payment can be classes, personal coaching sessions and percentage of what is being generated. I have not decided how it exactly will look. And of course money. When the energy matches we will know where we start and what we can do...

Hugs and kisses
What else is possible


Here I am on the airplane towards Oslo from Barcelona and then another flight to Copenhagen. It has been such an adventure in Barcelona. Wonderful just to be by myself …

I did know some people there and also met them, although that is not why I went to Barcelona. Not knowing anybody is for me fun, being open to experiencing new things. Knowing it is up to me… 

Action required and also in every moment I create my life. And when I am at home it is easier to be on an auto pilote of living. And when I am in new places I have to ask questions, where to go. 
What would I like to eat now? Would I like to meet anybody? More fun now?
These 4 days I took to write more on my book and it has been so amazing to be in the question with the book every day… many times per day. 

And I went from one place to another to write. I booked a really luxurios hotel, to pamper and gift to my body. And I love looking for the energy of nurturing and caring for me and my body. Not having too many limits on myself. And the things that show up are often very different than I can imagine. I fell for a smaller quite new hotel not totally in the center. It was beautiful and had some many cute things and I would defently say that makes women happy. The bathroom devided into 3 different sections and at the window some kind of ”windowsofa”. 

So I could sit there and watch the beautiful sky and other buildnings. It was super quite and the bed was big, so perfect for my body with loads of fluffy pillows. I could almost write a chapter about the room. So lets move on… I think you all got it. I loved it there and they were very friendly and great internet!! That is now a must in my life, connected to the whole world.

And every day I went for walks or small trips to different areas in Barcelona and found great spots to write. And it was so much to experience ideas just popping up, thoughts and different things that wanted to be written down…

My life is expanding all the time and I have asked it to speed up even more… as you might know. Faster Change Now is one of the classes I am facilitating now and using everything in that class to my advantage, all the clearings, the energy.
Everything. I am now ready to create it. Not wait anymore. That does not mean I have found my path or how to do it. I know. That is what is required and I don´t doubt it anymore. I sometimes can get sidetracked and create some crap. Not as much anymore. And still I am aware of what is possible…

I always have questions ongoing in my head, things I wonder about, asking for more awareness and in the last week I have asked alot about money, to receive  more awareness for me. What do I really desire? What would it mean to me to have loads of money? How would I like my life to be like? What things would I add to my life? What can I choose now? What am I avoiding? Not willing to choose?
What do I expect from money?

I know money is not the issue. And if you don´t, read the book Gary wrote ”Money isn´t the problem, You are!”
It was one of my first books in Access, if not the first one. 

It´s so cute to read it again and see my notes. I often mark things when I am in the process of changing stuff! And money was a BIG issue in my life! And I am so grateful I started using all the tools I could find and also attended all the class I could afford with Dain & Gary. 

And I can say at that time, it was choice from one class to the next one. Creating and being very creative as well. Never giving up. I hosted some classes as well and made sure there were lots of people attending so I knew they would be back and contribute even more. Never stopped being the source of creation. And I also chose to be with a man that was kind, caring and willing to contribute to my life and the change I was in. Many of you know him, Jonas.

And I know our so called beautiful point of views create our reality and we have this little thing called receivingJ)

Oh boy… receiving. I was resisting alot of that a couple of years ago! And now it is so much fun. In every moment I can be in the question and that means willing to receive everything around you, curios, looking at the world with big eyes, knowing there are tons of possibilities. What am I willing to ask for? What am I willing to receive? The greatest possible? Or the least? 

Not having a point of view of receiving opens up to even more possibilities as you have not put a restraining order on the universe. When we think we are creating, we know what we want and how… wonder how many things we are limiting?

There is not one programmed outcome… we are interacting with people and in every moment we can create and open up to greater, receive the contribution of the universe. What if we were willing to receive that the universe has our back?

Paella the last night together with Anna & Jeannette!! It was incredible good. 
We never expected it to be this great!

And what if you were willing to receive greater 
than you can imagine?

hugs Lisen